For the Pelicans Among the Eagles {Soaring Above the Temptation to Compare}

ofjKX8aIt trips me up more than I care to admit.


And I end up apologizing – to the Lord, to the world – for everything I’m not. For how my faith doesn’t look quite like hers. For how I don’t do things quite the way she does. For how I feel slow and lumbering while she moves about the things of God with such poise and grace.

And I didn’t expect the Lord to encourage me through a bird. Through a long-legged gray heron patiently watching the water for fish. I was simply out for my morning walk. He was simply looking for his breakfast. And I couldn’t help but smile. At his grace. At the slim black mask over his eyes. At the way he would cock his head to make sure I wasn’t going to disturb his hunting. 

My mind wandered to other hunters of fish. Smaller birds like the brilliantly colored Kingfisher. Swift and powerful birds like the bald eagle. Elegantly plumed birds like the snowy egret. And the list goes on and on with glorious variety. Birds like the puffin and the spoonbill and the pelican. Each one a fisher of fish, yet each one designed so differently by our God. Designed perfectly for their own style of fish catching.

And we, we are called “fishers of men.” Those who follow Jesus and make Him known to the world. Those who help the world taste and see that He is good. And I sensed the Lord reminding me… correcting me…

If He delighted in creating such variety and beauty among the fishers of fish – all of those many kinds of birds – how much more did He delight in creating beauty and variety among His fishers of men?

Oh, that we would rest in the knowledge that we are who we are for a reason. Each with our own unique personality. Each with our own beautiful style of doing things. Each with our own God-designed way of making Jesus known. He isn’t longing for us to be more like other fishers of men. He simply wants us to follow Him, to know Him, and to love Him. He simply wants us to let Him fill us up and let Him flow right back out, making Him known to every person we come across.

Today, you can be you and I can be me.

No comparing. No apologizing.

Even if we feel like squat little puffins in a world of graceful egrets. Even if we feel like awkward pelicans surrounded by soaring eagles.

We can simply know we are exactly who we need to be. And we can choose to believe there is beautiful purpose in who God designed us to be.

May our hearts soar today with the knowledge that we are perfectly loved and beautifully purposed.

Much Love,


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