Why Satan Loves Our Perfectionism

71289500_2735148809842331_3390159313279385600_oStriving for perfection.

It can be what keeps us from reaching out to the friend who’s hurting… because what if we don’t say the perfect words?

It can keep us from asking that person to meet us for coffee… because they seem to have it all together and we just don’t.

It can keep us from writing, creating, making, giving, going, doing… because what if we don’t do it perfectly? What if we mess it all up? What if we look like a fool?

It can even be what keeps us from approaching the Lord… because what if our prayers aren’t perfect, our time in His Word isn’t perfect, our hearts are just a huge, disappointing imperfect mess?

And it’s such a trap. Such a lie. Such a huge tool of the Enemy. Because Satan knows if he can keep us bound up in the need for perfection, we’ll miss out on the gift of connection. With people. With the God who loves us and invites us near – just as we are.

We don’t seem to realize how much we could actually gain from others if we would reach out instead of holding out. We fail to recognize how much others miss out on from us when we keep stopping short of sharing the good and needed things we have inside.

And, honestly? When we don’t love and give and move where God is clearly leading us to? We’re giving ear to Satan more than our Savior. We’re trusting in ourselves instead of the Lord. We’re moving in a direction I don’t think we truly want to go in. One of straight-up disobedience to our God.

(Ouch and have mercy.)

What have you been hesitating to do because you’re afraid you won’t do it perfectly? Perfection is the enemy of connection, sweet friend. Truth I’m over here learning too.

Whatever God is calling us to do, let’s make our aim simply to do it with great love. Even if it’s imperfect. Even if it’s messy. Even if by some chance we do look a bit foolish. I’m believing it will be worth the chance for true connection.

So much love,

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