Praying for Our Children {Part One}

Hi, friends!

If you follow me on social media, you know that I have been going through a 40-day series of praying for our children specifically and scripturally. But just in case you haven’t seen any of those posts, I wanted to provide you with links here. I will put the first half that I have finished in this post, and then I will send out links to the second half once I am completely done.

Why are these longer prayers? Honestly, because that is how they have poured out daily. We just carry so many burdens and concerns for our children, and I have wanted to cover these topics well. But please don’t let their length overwhelm you or discourage you from praying! You can let my long-form prayers inform your short-form prayers. Grab a sentence, a paragraph, or a verse or two from these prayers and make them your own. I want these prayers to help you feel less alone in the struggles we face as parents and to leave you feeling better equipped in knowing what you can even pray.

Lifting you up today as a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, teacher… whatever position of love and influence you hold. ❤️

May these prayers be a blessing and a help to you,

40 Days of Praying for Our Children {Days 1-20}

Day One: Start with Me

Day Two: Praying for Salvation

Day Three: Praying for Wisdom & Revelation

Day Four: Praying for a Deeply Rooted Life

Day Five: Praying for Community

Day Six: Praying Against Self-Harm

Day Seven: Praying for Spiritual Hunger & Thirst

Day Eight: Praying for Spiritual Alertness

Day Nine: Praying for Hearts of Trust

Day Ten: Praying for Sexual Purity

Day Eleven: Praying for Hearts of Humility

Day Twelve: Praying Peace in the Face of Fear

Day Thirteen: Praying for Kingdom-Hearted Lives

Day Fourteen: Praying for a Deep Love of Scripture

Day Fifteen: Praying for Godly Friends & Mentors

Day Sixteen: Praying for the Prodigals and the Spiritually Blind

Day Seventeen: Praying for Eyes that See Clearly

Day Eighteen: Praying for a Deep Sense of Belonging

Day Nineteen: Praying For Quieted Hearts, Minds, & Bodies

Day Twenty: Praying Hope and Help for the Suicidal

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