The Elizabeth Project

Elizabeth logoThe Elizabeth Project is an online community I started several years ago. A community that was birthed when my lead pastor challenged our church to start living our lives “on mission” every single day. That’s when I heard God’s whisper – “I have called you to be an Elizabeth.”

Elizabeth, the mother of John the Baptist. A woman who was righteous and faithful, even in the face of barrenness. A woman who, when she finally got pregnant in her old age, was then visited by her much younger cousin, Mary, who wasn’t just pregnant – she was pregnant with the Messiah. (Talk about one-upping somebody!) And instead of envying her, Elizabeth, filled by the Holy Spirit, humbly and boldly prayed and declared blessings over Mary.

I believe we are actually all called to be Elizabeths. People who, by the power of the Holy Spirit, recognize and call out the beauty, gifts and calls of Jesus we see in the lives of others. Humbly, boldly, without envy speaking life and love. People who remain faithful to God and encouraging to others – even when things aren’t going according to OUR plans. That is what this month is about. That is what the Elizabeth Project is about.

Do you have to go to Facebook and “like” the official page to participate? Absolutely not. Simply be PURPOSEFUL. Ask the Lord to help you see what He has placed in others. Ask Him to help you be a voice of encouragement. And then SPEAK LIFE. SPEAK LOVE. Send texts, send e-mails, or better yet, write a for real, they can tuck the encouragement in their Bible and keep it card.

How can you do The Elizabeth Project on your own? All you need are these things:

1 – A list of women to pray for daily for a month. (I have two lists I am compiling. One is 5-10 women doing the type of ministry I would like to do and the other is 5-10 women I see great beauty and potential in. You can start small and add to your list all throughout the month as the Lord leads.)
2 – Pretty blank cards to send out words of encouragement as the Lord leads.
3 – Your Bible – so you can stay encouraged and so He can equip you to encourage. (Isaiah 50:4-5)
4 – A heart open to hearing from the Holy Spirit – about who to pray for, what to pray, and how to best encourage them.

And that’s it! It may sound small and kind of simplistic, but our words are POWERFUL. And prayer changes things – in the lives of others AND inside of us. Believing God can do big things with these small seeds we are planting!

Blessings, friends! Let’s use our words wisely. Let’s use our words with great love.