Praying for Our Children {Part 2}

Hi, dear blogging friends!

I wanted to be sure to come back by and link out the remainder of the series on praying for our children.

As a mom of three girls well into their teens, I know what it’s like to go through seasons where you don’t know what to pray for your children. To be so overwhelmed by all they are facing and all of the ways you feel inadequate as a parent that you aren’t sure what to say. You want to pray purposefully, you want to press past “just keep them safe, Jesus,” but where do you start? That’s why I pulled these prayers together for us. Because while we may not always know what to say or how to pray, God’s Word shows up as an incredible guide. 

Ultimately, I pray these prayers will help you put words to so many of the things stirring in your heart for your child. I pray they help you feel less alone in the struggles that come along with the joys of being a parent. And I pray that you know you are never alone in praying for your child. Jesus is praying for our children, too! (Hebrews 7:24-25, 9:24; Romans 8:34)

Isn’t that incredible to think about? The One who made all things and holds all things together… the One by whom and for whom our children were made… the One who exists outside of time and sees their beginning, their end, and every day in-between… the One who knows His plans and purposes for them… the One who knows their deepest fears, their greatest joys, and their fiercest struggles… the One who knit them together intricately and knows how to reach them powerfully… the One who is aware of their every need, even before they are… the One who knows the number of hairs on their head at any given moment… the One who counted them worth dying for and who now sits reigning in majesty at the right hand of God the Father is praying with us for them.

Let that sink in deep. Let it lift the crazy weight that everything depends on you right off of your worn-out shoulders. Our Lord, Savior, and King is praying with you for the ones you love most. He’s praying for you, too. We’re never alone – not as we parent and not even as we pray.

Praying with you and for you,

40 Days of Praying for Our Children {Days 21-40}

Day Twenty-One: Praying for Godly Spouses and Marriages

Day Twenty-Two: Praying for an Abundantly Fruitful Life

Day Twenty-Three: Praying for Endurance to Finish the Race

Day Twenty-Four: Praying for Healing in Strained and Broken Family Relationships 

Day Twenty-Five: Praying for Their Minds and Thought Lives

Day Twenty-Six: Praying for Hearts of Forgiveness

Day Twenty-Seven: Praying against Forgetfulness

Day Twenty-Eight: Praying for Their Hearts and Mouths

Day Twenty-Nine: Praying for a Legacy of Faith

Day Thirty: Praying for Their Hands

Day Thirty-One: Praying for Their Feet

Day Thirty-Two: Praying They Honor God, Their Parents, and Others

Day Thirty-Three: Praying They Live Spirit-filled and Spirit-led Lives

Day Thirty-Four: Praying Psalm 23

Day Thirty-Five: Praying for the Grace & Commitment Needed for Spiritual Growth

Day Thirty-Six: Praying for Clarity of Purpose, Wisdom, & Direction

Day Thirty-Seven: Praying for the Boldness to Live Differently and Proclaim Christ Openly

Day Thirty-Eight: Divine Interruptions

Day Thirty-Nine: Praying for Lives Filled and Overflowing with Christ’s Extravagant Love

Day Forty: Praying for Lives of Full Surrender

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